Recap – 2018 Northwest State Trauma Conference


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Recap – 2018 Northwest State Trauma Conference

May 2nd – 4th – Sunriver, Oregon

Representing Registry Partners, I, Nicole Maddox, RN, CSTR, along with Tony Summerlin, Director of Business Development, had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Northwest State Trauma Conference that was held in Sunriver Oregon.

Aside from being held in such a gorgeous location, the Trauma Conference was both intriguing and informative with phenomenal speakers. The Conference kicked off on Wednesday evening with training for the ACS’s Stop the Bleed course providing instructor certification for those who were interested.

Following along the Stop the Bleed track, attendees were able to listen in on a debate on TXA (tranexamic acid) between Dr. Schreiber and Dr. Wilson, with Dr. Schreiber advocating against and Dr. Wilson advocating for. With no clear winner declared, Dr. Schreiber conceded that there may be a place for TXA in trauma medicine, but that there are still many questions around use and proper dosing.

With over 200 attendees, additional sessions continued on Thursday and the conference was very well rounded. Sessions included lectures on:

  • Team dynamics
  • Pitfalls of transfers
  • Administration of whole blood
  • Pediatric, Pediatric Rural, Rural and Cardiac Trauma
  • Risk Management
  • Management of anti-coagulated patients and Anticoagulation in Brain Injured Patients
  • Acute Pediatric TBI and ICP monitoring in TBI
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Analgesia and Anxiolytics in Pediatric Trauma
  • Burnout in Trauma Providers
  • Trauma Top 10
  • Management of Open Fractures

To close out the conference, Dr Alex Eastman, who among other positions is a trauma surgeon, Medical Director, and a Dallas SWAT member, gave a first-hand account of what it is like responding to an active shooter.

While manning the vendor booth, we had the opportunity to speak with many of the conference attendees and provide information on our company and services. We also raffled off two $50.00 visa cards; the lucky winners were (pictured below) Michele Pulliam and Lewis Mitchell.

L to R: Tony Summerlin, Michele Pulliam & Nikki Maddox

L to R: Nikki Maddox, Lewis Mitchell & Tony Summerlin





Photo by Lemmer_Creative on iStock