Q&A: Multiple Primary or Recurrence?                 


Marketing Manager

Q: Patient is in the registry software system for a primary colon cancer status 1 (no evidence of this tumor), type of first recurrence 00 (pt. became disease-free after treatment and has not had a recurrence). Most recent follow up note on 1/21/14 states patient has metastatic disease to the lungs and liver. Physician states in follow up note patient has metastatic colon cancer. Is this the same or a different primary? What is the Cancer status, date of 1st recurrence and type of first recurrence.

A: Same Primary, Cancer Status 2, Date 1st recurrence 1/21/14, type of first recurrence 62,

Per MP/H manual page 11 – do not count metastatic lesions. Mets is never a new primary.   Cancer status – 2 physician states patient has disease, Date of 1st recurrence 1/21/14 per the physician follow up note, type of first recurrence 62 – FORDS page 297-298, 62 is distant recurrence of invasive tumor in multiple sites