Part Two: “Many CTRs did not attend NCRA. Can you provide brief bullet points of what your consultants learned?”


Marketing Manager

Designing an Effective Cancer Committee

  • Recruit key physicians
  • Define the committee roles
  • Develop an annual cancer program plan
  • Create a cancer committee agenda guide
  • Ensure your physicians have buy-in and mentoring so they remain involved in the committee functions


It’s the Little Things: Improve Upon Your Abstracting Habits    

  • Don’t multitask
  • Don’t trust your memory. Use your manuals
  • Make a to do list daily
  • Process: text, notes, primary/histology, staging, treatments, follow up


Big Data =Big Information:  Is Your Cancer Registrar Maximizing Value for Your Organization  

  • Send statistical information to the marketing department to release data through social media with a l ink to the facility
  • Be an advocate for the cancer registry profession
  • Provide program awareness via social media
  • 60% of clinicians do now know how to request data from the cancer registry