Mentoring & Management of Cancer Registry Staff

Oncology program leadership often asks for advice on how they can effectively manage their cancer registry staff when they have limited knowledge of the job requirements. Our team can provide management oversight of hospital-employed cancer registrars to assist administrators with limited cancer registry knowledge. We analyze processes, monitor task completion, and review quality of abstraction performed by hospital-employed registrars. We can provide the oncology leadership with a performance summary of their on-site team and can work with each team member individually to enhance and improve registry skills.

Many clients are hiring capable staff that have not yet obtained their CTR credentials or are inexperienced CTRs. Our CTR mentors have developed a sophisticated curriculum and training methodology for abstraction, case finding, follow up, and database management. Our curriculum provides tools and resources for mastering registry operations with an emphasis on site specific abstraction. Electronic presentations and tip sheets are provided to each mentee and are used during one-on-one mentoring sessions. Mentoring continues until each mentee proves he or she can maintain quality data abstraction and an acceptable level of productivity. Mentoring for CoC and NAPBC compliance as well as cancer committee coordination is provided with a “hands on” approach. The foundation of each standard is discussed along with the means to evaluate compliance and the process for implementation and ongoing maintenance within the facility. Oncology leadership is kept abreast of the continued progress of each mentee and will be provided with our mentor’s professional evaluation and recommendations on overall performance.