Oncology Internship Program Celebrates Its First Year!


Marketing Manager

The vision for the Oncology Internship Program was clear from the very beginning. We wanted to give an opportunity to newly certified CTRs that would pave the way to independence and success, through individualized quality and education plans. We just reached the one-year mark since the launch of this program, and our vision has proven successful.  

Our first group of CTR Interns began their journey in February 2021, bringing humbleness, a hunger to learn, and a willingness to accept and apply feedback. Over the past year, each of the three Interns have not only learned, but proven mastery of multiple cancer disease sites through high-quality cancer data abstraction. When asked about their Internship journey, some of the Interns shared: 

“This has been an incredible experience for me. I came to Registry Partners with the ability and drive to be a CTR, but needed someone to mentor and guide my learning. The program and project teams have been instrumental in guiding me to success as a CTR!” – Michele Christensen, Intern CTR

“Looking back over this past year, I am truly amazed at how far I’ve come. Being a part of the Registry Partners Internship program has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and skillset to navigate as a new CTR. I now feel more confident than ever before.” –  Zakkiyah Yankene, Intern CTR 

It has been so rewarding to watch these three Interns “grow their wings” and become independent, high-quality, critical thinkers whose hard work will contribute to better patient outcomes. Each of our Group 1 Interns will be promoted to CTR status, as a result of their hard work and dedication to the program! Congratulations, Michele Christensen, Kamilah Chatman, and Zakkiyah Yankene! What a tremendous and successful year it has been!