Oncology Division Partner Hospital on Dr. Oz


Last month on The Dr. Oz Show, oncologist Miriam Atkins, MD, of Registry Partners Oncology Division partner hospital Doctors Hospital and Augusta Oncology Associates in Georgia, spoke on the topic of the new “Leading Cancer Killer in Women.”

According to the episode, seen here, “For years, doctors have warned women about the risks of breast, cervical, ovarian and other female cancers – and rightly so. These cancers take the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year.  But while the number of deaths from breast cancer has declined, lung cancer has quietly become the leading cause of cancer deaths in women in developed countries. In the U.S. alone, lung cancer kills more women than all gynecologic cancers combined.”

Dr. Atkins speaks to the idea that estrogen may play a role in lung cancer in non-smoking women.   Very interesting episode and worth the watch.  Congratulations to Dr. Atkins and the Doctors Hospital of Augusta for being recognized on this national platform!




Resources: The Dr. Oz Show- Episode air date: 6/3/2016

Original Article Posted on ShareCare by Beth Ward