Oncology Coding Break – ODS-C Guide to Navigating & Coding Radiation Treatment Summaries

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Melissa Chapman

Quality Consultant

On April 18th 2024, Melissa Chapman, a Quality Consultant with Registry Partners, presented a one hour special coding break on the topic of “ODS-C Guide to Navigating & Coding Radiation Treatment”. The first portion of this presentation focused on recognizing the elements of a radiation treatment summary and utilizing the resources available for extracting radiation coding data items from the medical record and specified radiation treatment software. The second portion of this presentation reviewed radiation coding data items for challenging case studies. For each of these cases, all radiation treatment fields were reviewed, and coding rationale was provided in depth. Melissa reviewed the challenging aspects of coding radiation for Head & Neck, Prostate, Breast, Rectum, Cervix, Metastatic Sites, and Lung primaries. Primary volume selection, regional node coding, external beam technique/modality, interpreting conflicting documentation, and multiple phase coding logic were addressed. Helpful coding tables, available resources, as well as a live Q&A were provided for future reference. This was a very informative and beneficial presentation for ODS-C’s looking to better understand radiation coding!

Click here if you would like to download this presentation as PDF. You can also download this month’s presentation Q&A as well by clicking here.