Unsure Which Job Offer is Right For You?


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Be Sure To Ask Yourself These Questions Before Making a Final Decision

We have all been there before, trying to make a decision about which job offer to take … weighing the pros and cons of one job versus another. Evaluating which is the safest choice or which one is the best fit.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself that may help in your decision making process.

  1. Does the employer have a mission, vision and core values that are aligned with my own?  
  • It is important to select an employer that aligns well with your personal feelings and beliefs.   
  • Understanding the basis for which an organization was founded and the reason why they believe the work that they do is so important can tell you a lot about a company.
  • Learning more about the organization’s culture will provide great insight as to whether or not you will be happy working there.  
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for employee references when interviewing with a potential employer.  Hearing first hand how current employees view their place of work can help solidify the information you have researched and gathered yourself.  
  • Check out company reviews submitted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor or via the company’s website.  
  • Reviewing employee and customer testimonials is also a good idea to confirm and validate the information you have gathered during your job search.  
  1. Is compensation a deal breaker or can I be flexible?

Compensation is usually one of the main deciding factors when choosing one job over another, however, be sure to think “long term” and verify the potential each position may offer you in the future.  Be careful not to agree to a job that seems “too good to be true” and investigate the important areas below:

  • Sometimes employers offer a higher, more appealing pay rate, but you are considered an independent contractor (1099).  This means you are responsible for paying all income related taxes on your own. Additionally, as an independent contractor you are likely not covered under any of the employers insurance policies (such as cyber insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, etc. and not eligible for any other important benefits like 401K, paid education time, paid vacation and holiday time, etc.  
  • If growth and advancement are important to you, be sure to find out what career paths each employer has and take time to weigh the pros and cons.  
  • Ask for more information about the organizational structure so you can see what  opportunities there may be for climbing the ladder.
  • Ask if the employer has a mentoring program or someone who will support you and help you achieve your professional goals.  This will show you how invested the employer is into building their team and what level of success you may be able to achieve working for them. 

Be sure to compare the long term effects of a job offer … if you have one offer with a little less pay but room to move up the ladder versus an offer with higher pay with little to no room for long-term growth it may be clear which offer is best for you.  

  1. What will this position help me achieve that I have not been able to achieve in previous positions?

Be sure to evaluate what you will gain and/or lose if you take a new position. Think about the things that are most important to you when searching for a new job.  Are you looking for:

  • More flexibility in your work schedule
  • Continuing education support
  • New challenges
  • More collaboration and teamwork or independent work
  • Full-Time remote work or a combination of remote and on-site
  • A unique work environment
  • An employer that feels like family
  • Employee recognition and appreciation
  • Mentoring and management support

All of these are important questions to ask to ensure you have identified opportunities that best match what you are looking for.  Hopefully these questions will help you make difficult career decisions now and in the future.

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Photo by Qimono on Pixabay