October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Marketing Manager

Breast cancer impacts more than 300,000 women in the United States annually which means 1 in every 8 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.  Breast cancer is one of the most diagnosed cancer types, therefore, the reason there are extensive awareness events coordinated across our nation not only during the month of October but throughout the year.  

Everyone is familiar with “pink” being the chosen color for Breast Cancer Awareness and each and every one of us likely knows someone who has been impacted by this disease.  

I was so grateful to see the good works of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  They create HOPE Kits for breast cancer patients nationwide.  HOPE kits can be requested via the NBCF website for any woman actively facing breast cancer. The kits are filled with thoughtful items that comfort and encourage patients.  Some of the items the kits may contain are:

  • Unscented Lotion
  • Tea
  • Tumbler
  • “Hope is Stronger than Fear” Bracelet
  • Hope Journal
  • Felt Tip Pen
  • Fuzzy Socks
  • Lip Balm
  • Educational Resources

How to request a HOPE Kit:  To request a HOPE kit for a loved one who is a current/active breast cancer patient, you can click here. HOPE Kits are available while supplies last.

How you can get involved: As you can imagine, receiving one of these kits would really make someone’s day and reinforce the fact that others are on their side, thinking of them and cheering them on through the treatment process. In order to continue this program, the NBCF needs volunteers to help pack the kits and individuals or organizations to donate money for the kits.

How you can get your children involved: Looking for ways to get your children involved in this important awareness month? Have them make cards of encouragement for breast cancer patients.  For more information about this opportunity, click here. Consider supporting this wonderful cause!

Please join our corporate office team in celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness month and help us support all women who have been impacted by this disease!

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Photo by liveslow on iStock