Next Month is National Kick Butts Day … How Will You Help Spread the Message?


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National Kick Butts Day is March 21, 2018 …

How Will You Help Spread the Message?

Next month, March 21, 2018 is National Kick Butts Day to raise awareness and bring attention to tobacco use and prevention since tobacco is the world’s leading cause of preventable death.  

National Kick Butts Day was created to bring awareness to people worldwide to “kick the habit” of using tobacco.  

For more information about tobacco use and prevention, visit If you are interested in activities you can organize in your community to bring awareness to tobacco use and prevention, click here for a comprehensive list of great ideas.  

Spread awareness about National Kick Butts Day through social media too!  

Click here for various pre-designed messages/logos/templates created for social media use and do your part on March 21, 2018!