NCRW: The Week in Review


Marketing Manager

During the week of April 5-9, Registry Partners took time out to celebrate all their Cancer Registrars for National Cancer Registrars Week. 

Throughout the week, different teams participated in virtual coffee breaks to socialize and learn more about their coworkers, and to celebrate the parts they each play in being the driving force in cancer data, which was this year’s theme. Another fun activity they participated in was a virtual Crossword Puzzle, where all the clues were found in exploring the Registry Partners’ company website, including the Blog.

Participants in the week’s events were entered into a drawing for a full registration to the upcoming NCRA 47th Annual Conference; the lucky winners are Melissa McGowan-Lyon and Kathy Matthews! Congratulations!

Although there is an official week devoted to Cancer Registrars, we celebrate your hard work, dedication to quality, and enthusiasm for your work year-round; thank you for ALL you do!

Graphic courtesy of NCRA