NCRA Session Summary- Commission on Cancer (CoC) Update- The Past, Present and Future


Commission on Cancer (CoC) Update- The Past, Present and Future

Daniel. McKellar, MD, FACS


  • Approximately 1500 CoC accredited programs currently
  • Commission on Cancer was created in 1922 and performed their first accreditation in 1933
  • The intent of a CoC survey is to be educational. The surveyor acts more like a consultant to the cancer program.
  • Considering adding standards that monitor accuracy and completeness of follow-up and recurrence.
  • Use of Participant Use Date File has increased. This provides data resources to review and advance the quality of cancer care through analyses of cases reported to NCDB. The data has been a large success for research and grants.
  • NAPBC is going to come under the umbrella of the CoC
  • National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC) is being launched
  • CoC Annual Workshop in June 2018 is being established
  • Transitioning from RQRS to RCRS in the future. This will apply to all cancer sites.


National Cancer Data Base

  • Founded in 1989
  • Approaching 29 million cases diagnosed between 1985 and 2013
  • 2014 call for data resulted in 86 million new or updated cases
  • Data used to explain trends in oncology , create benchmarks, and is the basis for quality improvement measures
  • To negotiate favorable reimbursement rates
  • To identify areas for internal quality improvements
  • To recruit physicians by showing high quality data
  • To perform research
  • To determine areas to market
  • To identify demographic variables