My Experience Finding the Right Balance at Registry Partners


Marketing Manager

By Lynn Nobles, RN, BSN – Registry Services Director, Quality Services

Division – Registry Partners is by far the most employee-friendly organization I have ever experienced.  I value working for a company that recognizes the multiple responsibilities I have and also respects those obligations.  A company that encourages employees to value all the hats they wear in their daily lives … not just expecting us to value only our “employee” hat.

Each day, when I remove my “employee” hat, I put on my “wife” hat and then I wear my “mother” hat, and often before I lie down and go to bed, I wear my “daughter” hat too.  Most organizations do not acknowledge or respect anything other than the “employee” hat.

I work at Registry Partners because I feel valued.  I am provided opportunity for growth and adding new skills without feeling like taking on a new role is required or expected; but rather my option if and when I am ready.  I feel like I am given the wheel to navigate in the direction that works best for me. I am given the flexibility to make adjustments in my work schedule to balance all parts of my life instead of sacrificing parts of one to accommodate the other.

I work at Registry Partners because it allows me to incorporate all of the skills and knowledge that I have gained over the years and apply them to the work I do now.  I work at Registry Partners because it is fulfilling work and can be done in a great environment … my home!

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash