Milestone Monday – Lynn Nobles – 10 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Lynn Nobles, Clinical Data Abstractor for the Registry Partners Surgical Service Line, celebrated her 10-Year Anniversary on January 9, 2022. 

Lynn started working from Registry Partners part-time in January 2012 and for the past 10 years, Lynn has worked in many positions within the Surgical Service Line including those of Validation Specialist, Senior Project Manager, and Registry Services Director. When asked what it meant to reach this milestone Lynn said, “Reaching this 10-year milestone is a testament to the overall culture here at Registry Partners. For me, it means that I have found a work home that has continued to nourish me professionally while allowing me to maintain a healthy balance between my work and personal life.”

When asked what has contributed to her longevity with the company, Lynn said, “I have been a nurse for 25 years and my career with Registry Partners is the only time in that 25 years that I have work that I love, a work-family I treasure, and feel completely supported by my work family in every aspect. Often one or more of these priorities isn’t met. I’ve encountered many challenges in my ten years with Registry Partners and have always felt completely supported. Finding work you love is the easiest part of finding a work home. What has contributed to my tenure with Registry Partners is that I feel valued not just as an employee but as a person with a life beyond the walls of work.”

She also said, “Registry Partners has developed one of the most awesome cultures I have ever experienced in my career. If being encouraged, having opportunities to grow, and unwavering support as an employee and as a person is important, then Registry Partners is the right fit for you!” in regards to why others should consider working for us.

Congratulations, Lynn, on reaching your 10-year anniversary! Thank you for your passion and dedication over these years.