Milestone Monday – Liz Klein – 5 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Liz Klein, Senior Project Manager for Registry Partners, celebrated her 5-Year Anniversary on March 15, 2021.

Liz joined Registry Partners in 2016 as an abstractor and in 2018 was promoted to Senior Project Manager. She said, “Reaching the 5-year milestone signifies for me how much I truly love my job! It reminds me of how committed I am to our mission as well as being thankful that my company has created such a fulfilling and enjoyable workplace that is oftentimes hard to come by.”

She says our company’s policies, commitment to their employees, and willingness to constantly evaluate and improve have all greatly contributed to my longevity with Registry Partners. She also said, “Their commitment to data integrity and high-quality work is evidenced by their willingness to commit time and resources to quality assurance. This gives me confidence in the work that I am doing and my ability to serve our clients well. I also appreciate their willingness to promote from within, allowing for growth opportunities within the company.”

Liz said others should consider working for us because “We were doing “work from home” before it was cool 😉. Our processes are set up to make working from home a great environment with the flexibility to live your life fully outside of work. I can’t imagine working any other way now!”

Congratulations, Liz, on reaching your 5-year anniversary! Thank you Liz for your service and dedication!