Milestone Monday – Kathleen Magoon – 5 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Kathleen Magoon, Senior CTR for Registry Partners, celebrated her 5-Year Anniversary on November 24th, 2020.

Kathleen started out part-time for two years and then transitioned to full time. She said, “the main reason I became full time is the project managers and other staff were very encouraging and really made me feel part of the team while working remotely.”

Her longevity with the company can be attributed to the feedback received from the quality team which makes Kathleen always feel like she is learning. She said she has learned so much working with Registry Partners and the variety of projects keeps her interested as no project is the same.  

Kathleen believes that others should consider a career with Registry Partners because you are part of a team, there is flexibility and you get positive feedback and continual learning from the quality team.  

Congratulations Kathleen on reaching your 5 year anniversary! Thank you for all that you do… we appreciate you!