Milestone Monday – Jackie Ruby – 5 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Jackie Ruby, Quality Consultant for the Oncology Services Line, celebrated her 5-Year Anniversary on August 22. 

Jackie joined the team in 2016 as a CTR but has since moved around to various roles including Quality Control Manager, Tier 2 Project Manager, and her current role of Quality Consultant which she assumed in 2018. When asked what it meant to reach this milestone, she said “​​It has truly been a privilege working for Registry Partners. I have formed so many great relationships (remotely) over the last 5 years. We truly have the best!”

Jackie said in regards to her five years at Registry Partners that, “Registry Partners has given me the opportunity for growth and advancement many times and I am so grateful for that. Choosing contract work was life-changing! My leaders have recognized my strengths and placed me in areas that I enjoy such as QC and mentoring.”

When asked why others might consider joining our team, Jackie said “The mission at Registry Partners truly puts family first. Integrity is a key attribute of all our employees. Education is extremely valued as well. There is the opportunity for growth and the flexibility has given me the ability to feel good about being both a mom of 4 and a CTR.”

Lastly, Jackie said…

“We all faced many challenges in 2020 and 2021 with the onset of COVID. Being a part of this community at Registry Partners was invaluable. Many of us were able to share our knowledge of remote work tips with others facing changes. Registry Partners showed such understanding with children schooling from home and staff being affected by the pandemic.”  

Congratulations, Jackie, on reaching your 5-year anniversary! In the words of her management team, thank you for being a pleasure to work with and the wonderful energy you bring to the team.