Milestone Monday – Debbie Slanicky – 10 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Debbie Slanicky, Clinical Data Abstractor for our Trauma Service Line celebrated her 10-Year Anniversary on August 3, 2021. 

Debbie began working with Registry Partners in August 2011 and said, “​​Ten years is a long time to be with one company, but my time at Registry Partners has flown by. In my ten years, I can honestly say that I never had the “Sunday Blues”!” 

She said there are several factors in play in regards to her longevity with the company but, “Number 1 is the flexibility that they offer their employees, so no matter what stage of my life I’m at, I’m able to fit my work into MY schedule.”

When asked why others should consider a career with Registry Partners, Debbie said along with the flexibility mentioned previously that, “There is definitely room for growth, if that’s what you’d like (and I did, up to Director!). But then, when I was ready to step down and slow my life down, there were opportunities to return to my earlier position of abstractor, which fits me perfectly right now!”

Lastly, Debbie said,

“Registry Partners is not just a place to work – they are a family. I have made so many friends from my co-workers and someone is always there if you need to talk about anything – work-related or not. The Corporate Mission, Vision, and Values are not just words here – they are truly lived here!”

Congratulations, Debbie, on reaching your 10-year anniversary! Thank you for your passion and dedication to the team and work.