Milestone Monday – Annie Hatfield – 10 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Annie Hatfield, Senior CTR for the Oncology Services Line, celebrated her 10-Year Anniversary on August 3, 2021. 

Ann’s career started with Registry Partners in July 2011 as a part-time CTR as she has been with us since! When asked what reaching this milestone means to her she said, “​​When I first realized I had approached the 10-year milestone I was very surprised as it does not feel as if it’s been that long. The time has gone by so fast. I’ve never felt like a was doing a “job”; have always felt like I was doing something that I love.”

She said in regards to her longevity with the company, “I feel Registry Partners respects all of their staff and recognizes that while we are all a part of a great team we are also individuals.” Ann then said others should consider working for us because “I think Registry Partners is a fantastic company to work for as they treat their employees very well; they offer flexible working hours;  excellent educational opportunities. “

Ann also said,

“When I first started this job, I had never worked remotely before. I was taken through all of the things I needed to do with such care, patience, and understanding. I remember being terrified when the time came to do my three cases; but, there again, I had support and encouragement to get me through. I applied for this position because I wanted to see how others did this job, wanted to work with different software; different medical records, etc. I have had the opportunity to do each of those things and have learned so much. I feel as if I am a part of the entire team even though I have always been part-time. That is part of why now, 10 years later, I am still working and loving my “temporary” part-time job!”

Congratulations, Ann, on reaching your 10-year anniversary! Thank you for your passion and dedication to the team and work.