Milestone Monday

Sep. 11, 2017

Den E, CTR, Project CTR for our Oncology Services Division, celebrated her 5-Year anniversary with Registry Partners in May, 2017. When asked what it means to have reached this special milestone, Den responded “It’s funny how life just moves forward and time does escape you. I didn’t realize I had reached my 5 year milestone. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work for Registry Partners. It has been a blessing to my family and I.”

Den believes having good managers has contributed to her longevity with Registry Partners.  She also likes the accountability, quality control reviews, the training and the newsletters which have all helped her be more conscious of her work.   

Den believes others should consider working for Registry Partners because Registry Partners is a good company who really takes care of their employees with morale boosters, professional development and training.   

Congratulations Den on reaching your 5 year Anniversary!  Thank you for all that you do…we appreciate you!