Keeping the Holidays Safe for Kids


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The holidays are the time for family gatherings, good food and of course toys and gifts for all the kids! We here at Registry Partners want to wish all of you a very merry holiday season and just wanted to share some advice from the experts regarding how to ensure the gifts you are buying for the children in your lives are safe. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS) documents that there were 226,100 estimated injuries associated with toys in 2018 with 70% sustained by children 12 years or younger, and more than half of those in children < 51. With this in mind, December is observed as “Safe Toys and Gifts Month”.

Things to consider when buying toys:

  • Age Making sure that toys are age-appropriate is a great place to start. Most toys will even include a suggested age range on the outside packaging.
    • Younger children are very likely to put small pieces in their mouths or even in their noses. This can cause serious injuries related to choking. If a toy piece can fit inside a toilet paper roll, skip this toy for kids under 3.
    • Toys that may be too sophisticated for a child’s age/development level may not bring the same amount of joy as a more age-appropriate gift might.
    • If shopping for toys online, most retailers give you the option to search for toys by sorting through age.
  • Recalls  Monitor the CPCS website for safety warnings and recalls located here (you can also sign up for emailing lists)
  • Physical Inspection look at the toy you are purchasing and inspect for sharp/pointy edges that could cause injury, does the toy have heating elements that may not be suitable
  • Active Gifts if purchasing a skateboard/bike/etc., consider purchasing protective/safety equipment as well

Make this holiday season happy, safe and fun by following the guidelines for choosing safe toys for all ages and then keeping the kids safe while they have fun!





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