How do I ensure my cancer registry doesn’t slide backwards again?


Marketing Manager

No one wants to lose momentum and success after working diligently to improve a cancer registry or after obtaining/maintain their Commission on Cancer compliance. Using a management support plan is a means to keep from back into bad habits.

A monthly management support plan includes

  • Monthly reports to evaluate cancer case abstraction productivity and status of ALL cases in suspense
  • Follow up rates compared to the last several months
  • Monthly state submission and edit report
  • Latest cancer committee meeting and documentation uploaded into the PAR
  • Draft of upcoming cancer committee agenda
  • QC data report for the month to ensure critical fields are coding accurately and without high percentage of unknowns
  • Verification of most recent casefinding review for the month
  • CoC standards documentation grid for compliance or plans for meeting presentations through the year

If you are interested in setting up a management support plan, or discussing the benefits further with a member of our team, contact us today!