Happy National Cancer Registrars Week to all Certified Tumor Registrar Professionals


A few years back members of the Registry Partners Oncology Services Division leadership team published a document for National Cancer Registrars Week titled “Just What is a Cancer Registrar”.  

As Cancer Registrars, we understand all too well that no one really “knows” what a cancer registrar is or what a cancer registrar does, unless you are one of course! Our profession is not a well-known one but an essential piece to every cancer program across the country and afar.    

We have recently redesigned our previous “Just What is a Cancer Registrar” publication and thought it would be appropriate to share with fellow CTRs across the country, this very special collection of cancer registrar descriptions, during National Cancer Registrars Week.  

We hope you enjoy it.

Click Here to View – Feel Free to Download and Save!