Get the Support of a Team While Working From Home: Healthcare Registry Jobs that Have it All


Marketing Manager

At one point in her life, Eva Pierce’s world revolved around work. She was serving as an executive in a California hospital and the constant demands of her job always put her family in second place. That all changed about a year ago when Pierce joined the Registry Partners’ team.

Pierce serves as Senior Project Manager for the Quality Division of Registry Partners and is a registered health information technician (RHIT). She says rediscovering a healthy work-life balance has been priceless.

“I was so burned out and tired from my previous jobs,” says Pierce. “My job now is important, but I don’t have the stress of worrying about how am I going to juggle my family and my career.”

Pierce says the flexibility of her work at Registry Partners lets her help her adult children and husband when needed, and it allows her to spend time with her young grandchildren.

Data abstractors, clinical registry managers, and other employees at Registry Partners work remotely from their homes and are able to create a flexible schedule, even if that includes early morning, evening, or weekend work so that they can take care of family responsibilities during part of the regular nine-to-five day.

Each Employee is Valued

In addition to discovering a healthy work-life balance, Pierce has learned how the Registry Partners’ culture values and supports every team member.

“When I started my training at Registry Partners, one thing that really stood out to me was the support that I received from my boss,” says Pierce. “Everybody is always there to help. They’re always there to say, ‘Do you need help? What do I need to do to help you succeed? What do I need to do to help you move on, to be all that you can be, and grow in your role?’”

Despite the fact that Registry Partners’ employees are spread out across the country, the company has been able to create a feeling of family and connection. Pierce says it’s evident that everyone genuinely cares about the rest of the team.

“I needed to be out for a medical procedure shortly after I started working, and I was nervous about asking for time off so soon, but everyone assured me that my health came first,” says Pierce.

Recently, Pierce experienced the support of the company again when her mother died. “I could actually focus on grieving and not worry about what was going on at work or what am I going to come back to upon my return. From the, ‘I got this. You focus on you and your family right now,’ to the cards and emails from everyone…these personal, thoughtful touches and genuine care make this company feel like more than a corporation or a place to work — they make it like a family. I feel like I matter and that I’m part of the team. I’m not out there by myself even though I’m working remotely. You feel like you’re an incredible part of the team.”

Watch Pierce and other team members talk about the culture of support they discovered at Registry Partners in this video.

Become a Valued Member of the Team

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