From Our Perspective: Musings from a Registry Partners Consultant


Marketing Manager

Welcome to a glimpse into our Consultants’ lives. As we thought about the inaugural article for our blog, we tried to find that one strength that makes Registry Partners Incorporated special, and it didn’t take long for us to find the answer.

Registry Partners has an amazing staff of CTRs who have incredible insight into the world of cancer registries and cancer programs. Like all CTRs, we enjoy organization and documentation but we are also forward thinkers and creative in our approach to client needs. Our intention is to provide recommendations and experiences that our readers can apply to their professional and, at times, personal lives.

Registry Partners Incorporated emphasizes the importance of a work life balance. Our Consultants take time to share the good and the bad of their personal lives – often to laugh and sometimes to provide a hug! Some of our team members are planning a wedding, some are confirming travel plans, and unfortunately those in the North are preparing for cold weather (we are thinking some retail therapy for new coats and gloves might make the winter forecast a bit more bearable). We make a conscious effort to stay connected while working remotely from each other and joining ourselves into a network of colleagues and friends that share a passion for our job and each other.

If you work remotely or have remote staff, remember to maintain connections outside of your home office “bubble”. Connecting with colleagues on a personal and professional level gives us a healthy outlet with those who we rely on, on a day-to-day basis.

Don’t put off reading the CoC Source this month and keep checking back here for more articles and resources!