From Critical Care RN in the ICU to CTR Working From Home


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As her family eventually grew to five children, Jessica Perry, a critical care RN in the ICU, decided to step back from her career to be with them; however, she always planned to return to the field.

With a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and years of medical experience, she decided to pursue a Certified Tumor Registrar certification.

“I actually found out about the field when I was looking to return to nursing,” Jessica shared. “I came across a job posting for a CTR which actually outlined the duties, and I was immediately interested in learning more,” Jessica shared.

So, Jessica completed her certification and then COVID hit.

“There were very few opportunities to gain experience for in-person work,” said Jessica. “But then I came across the Registry Partners’ Internship Program and it was a perfect match for where I was at in my career while allowing me to still be with my family.”

Jessica has thoroughly enjoyed her time in the program. She noted, “Heather Donohue gives an intensive classroom experience. She breaks everything down, answers all of my questions, and really empowers me to provide quality abstracts.”

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“The support from my project manager and quality control manager has been instrumental to my growth as an intern,” continued Jessica.

She also recognizes the doors that experience as a CTR has and will continue to open for her. “The professional growth at Registry Partners in the CTR Internship Program for former nurses is absolutely incredible.”

For a former ICU nurse and loving mother, there is no better feeling than being able to continue to care for others.

“Instead of being on the floor, I’m now behind the scenes, working hard to provide the absolute best quality abstracts possible. I know for sure that I’m helping all sorts of people suffering from oncological diseases; I’m paving a path for their treatment.”

And Jessica is not the only one excited about her career transition. “My high schooler has been inspired by my new career path and is always asking me questions. It’s such a huge benefit to be able to share my career with my kids because I can work from home—and they see the impact I’m making in the lives of others.”

Photo by mapodile on iStock