Flexibility and Competitive Pay: How Medical Abstractors Can Have It All


Technology has given us the ability to work from anywhere, and people around the world are discovering a unique lifestyle as remote employees.

Working from home obviously provides flexibility, but a position that also offers competitive pay and an exciting career path — most job searchers agree is harder to find.

However, there is one field where professionals are finding the type of meaningful work, benefits, and lifestyle they’ve been searching for: medical data abstraction.

Professional Abstractor Positions

Professional abstractors are responsible for the review and detailed abstraction of data from electronic medical records, serving as an active partner for clients as they work to maintain compliance and improve their clinical outcomes. While not on the front lines of the medical field, data abstractors have opportunities to positively impact patients in hospitals and medical treatment facilities across the country.

Pay is competitive, health benefits are available, and the advantages of working remotely include:

  • No commuting costs
  • More time with family
  • Reduced or eliminated child care costs
  • Fewer apparel needs
  • Flexible schedules
  • And many others

The Best of Both Worlds

When searching for a career, flexibility is one of the most universally desired aspects. Professionals of all ages and from various job fields state that they are looking to achieve a healthy work-life balance, something that can be challenging when fully immersed in the corporate world.

Medical abstractors who work remotely are finding the balance for which they’ve been searching. They are able to invest more time and energy in their families and home lives without giving up the sense of purpose and financial benefits that a career provides.

Abstractors with Registry Partners receive competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, and benefits such as paid time off and health insurance. They are supported by a positive network of team mates while maintaining the capacity to support their own families every day.

Ready to Explore New Opportunities?

Registry Partners is a national provider of data abstraction, registry management, and consulting services. We are actively searching for detail-oriented, motivated professionals who desire a meaningful career and would enjoy the benefits of working from home. If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities available, explore our openings now.

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