Finding Silver Linings in Each Day During a Very Challenging Year


Marketing Manager

When 2020 began you may have set some goals for yourself that you were hoping to achieve during the New Year … maybe a new exercise program, gym membership, or maybe you were going to visit with family more or learn a new hobby like cake decorating or photography. 

What many of us set out to do in 2020 has been overruled by the pandemic.  It has been a difficult time to say the least – from school closures to stay at home orders to wearing face masks to a shortage of toilet paper – we have experienced it all! 

It is important to focus on the positives or “silver linings” that have also occurred during the 2020 pandemic.  It is very easy to name off all of the awful, horrible, sad, bad and difficult things we have encountered over the last 11 months – but I think we are all tired of feeling down and out … this article is meant to refocus our attention on the “good things” we encounter each day. 

There have been many things that have stayed the same during Covid – a lot of things we take for granted or don’t really even think about because they are “normal” … we hope you enjoy these 50 reminders and can focus on the “good” in 2020. 

  1. The sun still rises and sets each day. 
  2. There are still different phases of the moon.
  3. The stars and constellations still appear in the night sky. 
  4. The lights still turn on and off when you flip the switch.
  5. People still have a hard time replacing the toilet paper roll when it is empty.
  6. Water still comes out of the faucet when you turn it on. 
  7. A trip to the ice cream shop is still possible.  
  8. Traffic lights still go from green to yellow to red.  
  9. Children are still playing outside, going fishing and riding bikes. 
  10. We are still paying taxes on our purchases and property.  
  11. Drinking something sweet after bruising your teeth still tastes terrible. 
  12. School is still in session – whether it is in person or remote.  
  13. Pizza Hut still delivers. 
  14. Social media and gaming still dominates our lives more than it should. 
  15. We still have to mow the grass and pull weeds. 
  16. People still leave a quarter in the cart at Aldi for the next person to use. 
  17. People still pay it forward in the line at McDonald’s.
  18. Puppies and kittens still make you ooh and ahh. 
  19. People still text each other from one room in the house to another. 
  20. Churches are still open even though restrictions are in place. 
  21. Teachers are still a blessing and really need more praise this year than ever. 
  22. Dogs still like to roll in things that smell up the house when they come back in.  
  23. Visiting the dentist is still not fun. 
  24. Kids still fight with their brothers and sisters.
  25. Grandparents still find no wrong in anything their grandchildren do. 
  26. Oreos and milk are still a decadent treat. 
  27. It is still impossible to find something to watch on TV even with 100s of channels. 
  28. You still end up getting behind a slow poke when you are in a hurry. 
  29. Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays are still being celebrated.  
  30. The NFL and NCAA are still playing football.
  31. Teenage boys still behave awkwardly around teenage girls. 
  32. The mail is still delivered Monday-Saturday and even sometimes on Sunday.
  33. Prayer still works. 
  34. Kids still know more than their parents. 
  35. Everything at Dollar Tree is still $1. 
  36. People still say I Love You. 
  37. Sixteen year olds are still getting their licenses. 
  38. Eighteen year olds can still register to vote. 
  39. Kids are still graduating from high school and college. 
  40. Golden Birthdays and Anniversaries are still happening. 
  41. People with more than 10 items in their cart still get in the Express Lane at the grocery store.
  42. Kids still love talking into a fan to hear their voice quiver. 
  43. Santa still drives a sleigh and says Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.
  44. Root beer floats are still a favorite treat. 
  45. We still worry about our children when they aren’t with us regardless of their age. 
  46. Kids still love bedtime stories. 
  47. Amazon still delivers in two days (sometimes even next day with Amazon Prime). 
  48. Paved roads are still better to drive on than dirt ones. 
  49. Trains still move cargo and people. 
  50. We are all still blessed to wake up every morning and navigate this pandemic so we can get back to some normalcy soon.  

Find the good in each day – even when it may seem impossible to do so!

Photo by Binti Malu from Pexels