Fall Cancer Registrar Association Meetings Recap


This fall, the Oncology Division of Registry Partners sponsored and/or attended almost 30 state and regional meeting for Cancer Registrars Associations across the country.  We met and networked with wonderful people, listened to many talented speakers, and had the pleasure of sharing a little bit about our company with new friends.

At each meeting, we had a name drawing to give away visa gift cards to a couple of lucky attendees.  Below is a slideshow and list of some of the winners from the past few months.  We would like to take a moment to thanks each of them for stopping by our table to visit.  We would also like to thank all of the state and regional associations for allowing us to attend their conferences.  We look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Lori Lindsey & Sheila Williams- GATRA Meeting

Danilee Thompson & Rhonda Andrzejewski-CRAD Regional Meeting

Valerie Lovejoy & Jessica Washington- VCRA Meeting

Jymmie Charland & Sandra Alaron Cortez- Nevada Cancer Control Summit

Michelle Virkler & Donna Stevens- NY/PA Regional Meeting

Grace Ortiz & Candi Carver- CRAZ Meeting

Marsha & P. Boyd- West Virginia Cancer Registrars Association Meeting

Joseph Burkhart & Nancy Miller- PACR Meeting

Kim Ziolkowski- MN/WI Regional Meeting

Julie Risinger & Regina Thirty- ICRA (Iowa) Meeting

Tammy Campbell & Kitty Koers- CRI Conference

Joan Booton & Ley Rancy-Valdy- New Mexico Tumor Registrars Association Meeting

Patricia West & Rachael Gaylest- Carolinas (NC/SC) Regional Meeting

Sue McDaniel & Brandy Crowell- TODAA Meeting

Janet Wheeler & Pat Saucedo- TXTRA Meeting

Eliza Melendez & Jennifer Barnes- FCRA Meeting

Pamela Tillman & Ester Mlad- ACRA (Alabama) Meeting

Mary Price & Michele Beck- OCRA (Ohio) Meeting