An Employer Who Fully Supports A Better Work Life Balance


Marketing Manager

Cari Vida, BS, RHIA, CTR – Ten years ago I joined the Registry Partners team and have been working remotely ever since.  

Over the course of these ten years I have held positions such as Quality Control Coordinator, Project Manager, Quality Control Director, Vice President of Quality, Education & Training and most recently Senior Vice President for the Oncology Services Division.

With each new position came a different set of responsibilities which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Contributing to the company’s success in such a variety of ways has helped me see the cancer registry field from various perspectives and has helped me grow both personally and professionally.  

One of the benefits each position has offered me is flexibility as a full time employee.  As my children completed elementary school and moved into middle school the number of activities they were involved with increased which meant the level of flexibility I needed in my job also increased.  The flexibility has allowed me to be part of important events both in school and outside of school.  I feel like I have truly been a part of “school life” whereas many parents are not afforded this opportunity working for other employers or in other professions.

Within the last year, I found my family needs once again changing as my daughter, now a high schooler, was chosen to be part of an Elite Soccer Club which requires both in state and out of state travel for soccer games and tournaments.  This was in addition to her involvement on the high school soccer team and my son’s club soccer schedule too! What an amazing opportunity for my daughter … and what a proud moment it was for mom and dad.

As we began receiving more information about the Elite Soccer Club and reviewed the schedule for training, practices, games and tournaments it became very clear my husband and I would need to reevaluate how we could “make it all happen”.  After much thought and careful consideration, we came to the conclusion I would need to transition from a full-time to part-time position which would create the additional hours we would need to accommodate the new rigorous soccer schedule.  Not only did this mean I had to reduce to a part-time position, it also meant I would have to give up my Senior Vice President role which I worked very hard to achieve.  

Registry Partners fully supported me through this process and worked with me to define a new work schedule and position assignment so that once again, I could make my family life a priority and enjoy the important events and opportunities that come along.  I am forever grateful to Registry Partners and the support and compassion they have shown me and my family.  Children grow so fast and before you know it they are off to college and starting their own lives.  I will never have to look back and say “I missed this or I missed that … because of work”.  

Registry Partners was founded on the principles of providing mothers and fathers the opportunity to balance a rewarding career with family needs and priorities.  Employees at Registry Partners are blessed to work for a company that truly understands and fully supports the busyness of life, raising children, and being “there” for all of the important and memorable events that life has to offer!