Employee Satisfaction is a Key Focus at Registry Partners


Marketing Manager

At Registry Partners, we believe employee feedback is critically important!  Feedback received by our employees is taken very seriously and evaluated routinely throughout the year to ensure a positive working environment for all.  

Earlier this year we shared a blog article about Employee Satisfaction including our overall Employee Satisfaction rating of 96% in 2016.  When we surveyed our employees in 2017 the overall Employee Satisfaction rating was again 96%.  

When asked what our employees liked most about their employment with Registry Partners they shared the following areas that contribute to their overall job satisfaction:  

  1. An “all around” Great Company to Work For: The company is patient/supportive. professional/knowledgeable, provides a positive work environment, committed to quality, listens to employees, values and appreciates employees, feels like family, the company is committed to its core values and listens to employees.
  2. The Ability to Work Remote/Flexible Schedule: The company provides a flexible schedule & the ability to obtain a work-life balance.
  3. Education & Mentoring: The company provides thorough training to help employees expand and perfect their skills and provides continuing education opportunities so employees can stay current on industry related changes.
  4. Compensation and Paid Time Off: The company evaluates pay structure to ensure it remains competitive within the industry and recognizes the importance of paid time off, recently increasing the paid time off accrual rates for full time employees.
  5. Growth & Advancement Opportunities: The company provides opportunities for growth and advancement including management, director and VP level positions that are not typically available in a hospital setting.  
  6. Organized and Professional: The company is highly organized and extremely professional.