Different Types of Interview Questions


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Interviewing is no easy task. Asking the right type of interview questions can help you sort out the star candidates from the low performers. There are several different types of interview questions. Each type of question can help you get an in-depth understanding of your candidate. Below list several different types of interview questions.

  • Skills-based interview questions: Questions that are directly related to experience with tools, technologies, and industry standards. They help you find the difference between theoretical and practical knowledge.
    • Example: Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it.
  • Behavior-based interview questions: Questions that show a candidate’s aptitude and approach to a task based on past experience. They are useful for revealing soft skills like trustworthiness, attitude, and work ethic.
    • Example: Tell me about the biggest change that you have had to deal with. How did you adapt to that change?
  • Situational-based interview questions: Questions that give you the chance to see how a candidate would react to a specific scenario. They give you a sneak peek into a candidate’s instincts, confidence, and decision-making abilities.
    • Example: What would you do if you were asked to perform a task you’ve never done before?
  • Open-ended interview questions: Questions that require thought and oblige the job seeker to reveal attitudes and opinions.
    • Example: Can you describe how you handle tight deadlines on the job?
  • Closed-ended interview questions: Questions that call for a simple, informative straightforward answer and, in most cases, just a yes or no answer. These queries can help you quickly obtain factual information.
    • Example: Are career advancement opportunities one of your priorities?

Using different types of interview questions will assist the hiring manager gain crucial insight into the candidate. This will allow the hiring manager to easily compare candidates to make the best hiring decision. Happy Interviewing!

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