CTR Coding Break – Small Improvements, Big Impact


Marketing Manager

The January 2021 CTR Coding Break, Small Improvements, Big Impact: Tips for optimizing health for the CTR is a bit different than the usual topics you see on our channel. Entering the New Year, many of us set goals and resolutions in our personal lives, but what about our work lives? In this Coding Break, we will explore ways for the CTR to set new healthy goals that can have a big impact on both a personal and professional level. We will look at ways to “take a load off” and improve circulation and spinal posture, while also exploring some of the health benefits of alternating between sitting and standing. We will also explore ways to exercise the brain—yes, that needs exercise, too! Next, we will look at some “outside the box” ways to improve concentration and memory, as well as explore some powerhouse foods to fuel the CTR!  

Click here if you’d like to download this month’s presentation as a PDF.