CTR Coding Break – Lymphovascular Invasion


Marketing Manager


The July 2020 CTR Coding Break addresses the data item Lymphovascular Invasion (LVI). Lymphovascular invasion is defined as the invasion of cancer in the blood vessels and/or lymphatic channels. The main objectives include understanding of code 8 for not applicable, applying codes 2, 3, and 4 for small vessel, large vessel, and both small/large vessel invasion, using the STORE table to code cases treated with neoadjuvant therapy and understanding of code 0 for insitu cases. The presentation works through case examples receiving neoadjuvant therapy and how to use the STORE table to select the accurate code. The first column in the table defines how LVI was reported on the pathology report prior to neoadjuvant therapy, the second column defines how LVI was reported after neoadjuvant therapy resulting in the final code within the third column. Finally, the use of code 0 is discussed for insitu cases. STORE describes code 0 includes cases of purely in situ carcinoma.

For the first time this month, we are making available the presentation as a PDF download if you would like to have it as a reference. Click here to download the PDF version of this month’s CTR Coding Break.