CTR Coding Break – Aborted Neoadjuvant Therapy


Marketing Manager

The Registry Partners November 2019 CTR Coding Break discusses neoadjuvant therapy. The presentation reviews types of neoadjuvant therapy, abstract fields affected by neoadjuvant therapy, and examples of unusual and aborted neoadjuvant therapy cases. Neoadjuvant treatment is given prior to the surgical procedure in an attempt to shrink the cancer so that the surgical procedure may not need to be as extensive. Examples of neoadjuvant therapy include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy. Neoadjuvant therapy will affect the post-therapy staging and grade post-therapy as well as other fields within the abstract including lymphovascular invasion and tumor size summary. The scenarios demonstrate what happens when neoadjuvant therapy is aborted due to patient intolerance or progression of the disease and subsequent surgery was performed. Pathological stage is assigned based on the surgical procedure. The aborted treatment is coded and text documentation added to explained the aborted neoadjuvant therapy. In summary, Post therapy T, N, & M and stage groups follow the completion of neoadjuvant therapy and planned post – neoadjuvant therapy surgical resection.