Consultant Spotlight: Tiffany Wilder, BS, CTR – Quality Control Manager


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Tiffany Wilder, BS, CTR serves as Quality Control Manager for the Registry Partners Oncology Division.

Tiffany began working for Registry Partners in 2016 starting off as a Project CTR before transitioning to a full time Project CTR prior to her promotion to Quality Control Manager in April, 2018.  

Prior to joining Registry Partners, Tiffany worked as a Certified Tumor Registrar at the University of Vermont Medical Center where she was responsible for various registry operations functions and participated in both tumor conferences and cancer committee meetings.  

Tiffany earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from The State University of New York at Plattsburgh.  She is also a Certified Tumor Registrar.

Tiffany presently resides in Vermont with her significant other and two dogs, Sage and Gibbs.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, running, snowshoeing and spending time with her family.   

Q & A with Tiffany:

Q:  How did you become aware of the CTR profession & what did you do to prepare for the CTR certification exam?

A:  I incidentally became aware of the CTR profession while browsing available positions at one of my local hospitals. Once I came across the position of Certified Tumor Registrar, I started researching what the profession entailed and immediately became intrigued. To prepare for the CTR exam, I worked in a CoC Accredited University Medical Center for a year and a half where I was fortunate to have hands on experience in all aspects of the Cancer Registry. In addition, I attended the Fundamentals of Abstracting Workshop in San Antonio, Texas as well as participated in the NCRA CTR Exam Prep Online Workshop.

Q:  How do you describe your career to friends and family?

A:  I find that describing my career to others can be quite difficult. However, I tend to explain that cancer registrars are responsible for documenting a complete summary of the patient’s history, diagnosis, treatment, and disease status to be used for research and management of cancer. My favorite quote to describe the CTR profession: “Cancer Registrars are the intelligence officers on the front lines, collecting critical information that is used to develop the battle plan and to deliver the necessary troops to the right location at the right time to combat the enemy – cancer” (NCRA).

Q: What advice would you give others considering a cancer registry career and pursuing their CTR certification?

A:  My advice to anyone considering a Cancer Registry career would be to thoroughly research the profession as well as the different NCRA Eligibility Routes that can be taken to obtain the Certified Tumor Registrar Certification. I also strongly recommended participating in as many workshops as possible in preparation for the CTR Exam. Stay determined, ask questions, study as much as possible, and watch yourself succeed!