Stacy Elliott

Consultant Spotlight: Stacy Elliott-Torrez, CTR


Marketing Manager

Stacy has worked with Registry Partners Incorporated  in both part-time and full-time capacities since 2007.  She has worked on a variety of projects consisting of state report only, state central registry and accredited cancer program projects.  She is a project manager working with CTR teams on numerous projects in addition to serving as a quality manager.   Prior to her experience with RPI she worked at Goldston Regional Hospital in Goldston, TX as a Cancer Registry Specialist.

Stacy lives in Amarillo, Texas with her husband of 21 years, Jaimy, who is a flight paramedic. She has an 18-year old son Christopher and an 11-year old daughter Ali, along with 4 dogs, 2 birds, 2 ferrets, 1 hamster and 2 salt water fish tanks. She enjoys volunteering with school PTA associations, loves going out to eat with family and enjoys watching Ali play club volleyball.


Q&A with Stacy:

Q:   What do you recommend for navigating electronic records when abstracting?

A:   I recommend having two nice size monitors, one monitor to have the EMR open and the other monitor to have the abstracting software open.  This saves a lot of time going back and forth between software.


Q:   How did you arrange your office setup for working remotely?   

A:   I have a large desk to spread out  on, a desktop computer with two 26 inch monitors and a laptop computer.  I have a closet in my office with shelves and a file cabinet.  I changed the door handle to my closet so it locks with a key and I can store items securely.   On my walls,  I have framed and placed some NCRW posters, my CTR Certification framed and since I work from home I have my fellow staff members pictures framed.  When I am talking to my fellow staff members on the phone or receiving an e-mail from them I can look up and see their faces.  I also have bulletin boards on my walls, where I place any letters, certificates, encouragements, thank you notes and any other cancer related items.


Q:   How have you been recognized as a CTR during National Cancer Registrars Week?

A:   This year will be the 14th NCRW I have celebrated.  I receive the NCRA packet every year, that comes with a poster, press release and sticker.  I have received certificates wishing me a happy National Cancer Registrars Week, lots of goodies with the company logo on them, shared fun facts with co-workers, trivia games, snacks and luncheons.  My favorite, is one year I received a throw with the Registry name and year embroidered on it.