Consultant Spotlight: Samantha Hillman, Registry Services Director


Marketing Manager

Samantha directs and oversees all aspects of her assigned projects ensuring compliance with registry standards and specifications. She ensures the goals and objectives of each project are met through oversight of her data abstraction teams. 

Prior to joining Registry Partners, Samantha spent eight years in clinical research, seven years in quality and patient safety and 4 years in cardiopulmonary rehab.  

Samantha attended the University of Buffalo, The State University of New York where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Exercise and Nutrition Science.  

Samantha resides in New York.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family and anything that has to do with the outdoors, exercise or Disney. 

Q & A with Samantha:  

Q:With so many career options in the healthcare industry, why did you choose a career focused on data collection and clinical outcomes?

A: Previously working in Cardiac Rehabilitation, I unfortunately encountered patients who had some unfavorable outcomes with their procedures and care.  With a background in statistics and clinical research, I saw an opportunity to use both areas of expertise to make an impact on the outcomes for this patient population.  Working in a field that marries both of my passions has proven to be more rewarding than ever imagined. 

 Q: Why do you believe clinical data registries are so important?

A: The improvements in care standards and guidelines that have come about based on the data that is provided by the work that we do is quite impressive.  Continuing to report and track data drives these changes. This data is imperative to identifying trends in healthcare practices and developing sound policies and procedures to continue to better care and patient outcomes across the country.

Q:How do you describe your career to friends and family?

A: This is no easy task!  In short, I generally simply describe what I do as “medical data collection and analysis”.  I then elaborate that I provide information to national organizations that work to improve the care that hospitals provide across the country.  For those who are familiar with the healthcare field, I then expand the description to include “collecting and analyzing data from patient records to report to national organizations that then determine standards of care and reimbursement.  In this career we also consult with hospitals across the country on how to improve their site’s individual or system-side care outcomes.”