Consultant Spotlight – Paula Glunt – Senior Project Manager


Marketing Manager

Paula directs and oversees all aspects of her assigned projects ensuring compliance with registry standards and specifications. She ensures the goals and objectives of each project are met through oversight of her data abstraction teams. 

Prior to joining Registry Partners, Paula held positions such as Staff and Operating Room Technologist, Registered Special Procedures Technologist, Cardiac Cath Lab Technologist and ACC Registry Specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radiography with a minor in Business Management and is a registered Radiologic Technologist, certified Vascular Interventional Radiologic Technologist and registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist.  

Paula resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and crafting.   

Q & A with Paula:

Q:  With so many career options in the healthcare industry, why did you choose a career focused on data collection and clinical outcomes? 

A:  I sort of fell into it in the beginning.  I was starting in the cath lab and they were just starting their first registry (CathPCI) and thought it would be a good project for me.  For the next 12 years, I was the registry person – I entered the data, submitted it, reviewed the outcome reports, took on a second registry (ICD), anything and everything involved. I really enjoyed it, and still do!  I find it a fun challenge to see if I can sift through all the data and find the answers I’m looking for.

Q:  How have you changed your work habits working in a remote environment?  

A:  I find that I can focus better because I have fewer interruptions.  At my hospital job, I was a staff tech in the cath lab and had to fit in the registry work whenever I wasn’t needed in the lab.  I enjoy the low key, less stress, drama free environment of working at home.

Q:  Why do you believe clinical data registries are so important? 

A:  I feel it is good for hospitals to know where they stand on certain important elements and to see how they then compare to other hospitals in those categories.  This way they can see if/what areas they maybe need to work to improve upon to have the best possible outcome for their patients.