Consultant Spotlight: Pamela Marshall, RN, BSN – Senior Project Manager, Pediatric Registry Services


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Pamela (Pam) Marshall, RN, BSN, serves as a Senior Project Manager for Registry Partners Quality Division, Pediatric Services.

Prior to joining Registry Partners, Pam served as the VPS Site Coordinator at Texas Children’s Hospital for two and a half years managing the VPS data collection process for PICU and CVICU, training new VPS data collectors and serving as a member of the Critical Care Quality Team.  Prior to serving as Site Coordinator at Texas Children’s she served as a PICU RN and VPS Data Collector for five years.  She has also worked as a PICU nurse at Dell Children’s Hospital and has held positions as Software Integrator and Documentation Manager for the NASA Johnson Space Center.  

Pamela completed her BSN degree through Texas Woman’s University in Houston, TX, is licensed registered nurse in the state of TX and has PALS and BLS certification.

Pamela resides in Texas with her two pugs, Luna and Dobby. She enjoys baking, crafting and loves traveling – especially on Disney cruises.

Q & A with Pam:

Q:  Having many years of experience working in the pediatrics field, what transformations have you witnessed in the care being provided to pediatric patients that you can attribute to an increased focus on healthcare quality?

A: “Quality” in healthcare has become a mainstream concept in pediatric hospitals, I believe, in part due to the availability of information from data registries. Clinicians are not just focusing simply on what went “wrong” such as the number of catheter associated infections, but on what people are doing “right” to prevent infections. Recently there has been more attention on sepsis treatment and identifying early signs of sepsis to prevent poor outcomes. There is so much data to be harnessed! I’m thankful to play a small role in that area.  

Q:  What do you like most about your position as Senior Project Manager?

A:  I enjoy the challenges of working with multiple teams of people on different projects, while having a core team of managers to collaborate with. I appreciate the open communication and constant support from my leaders. I have learned more about myself since becoming a Senior Project Manager, for example, I thought I was an organized person, but this position has brought me to a whole new level of organization!

Q:  If you could select one memorable moment that has occurred throughout your healthcare career what would it be and why?

A:  A colleague and I worked together tirelessly on a quality improvement project for almost one year and were selected to speak at a national conference to present our data. We received so much support from other colleagues and were inspired to work on other QI projects. It was a very humbling experience and I am very grateful for that opportunity.