Erica Sabatini

Consultant Spotlight: Erica Sabatini, CTR


Marketing Manager

Erica serves as a QC manager and Project manager for Registry Partners Incorporated.  As a QC manager, she performs weekly quality control reviews on all her assigned projects in addition to providing guidance and support to the project CTRs in answering abstracting questions.  Erica has been instrumental in project set up and defining the abstracting parameters of new projects.  Recently, Erica began to mentor a on-site registrar in abstracting and general registry operations.  Her experience allows her to apply her expertise and help a registrar to become a successful CTR.  As a Project Manager, Erica has also worked with a CoC accredited program managing case abstraction.

Prior to working with RPI Erica worked for Augusta Health, a CoC accredited cancer program in Fishersville, VA, as the cancer registrar and IRB secretary.  Prior to working at Augusta Health she also spent 4 years as a cancer registrar for Carilion Memorial Hospitals in Roanoke, VA.  Additionally she has worked as a fitness instructor and an academic tutor for the Virginia Military Institute.  Erica is a member of the Virginia Cancer Registrars Association (VCRA) as well as the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA).  Erica received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology from Ohio University, Athens Campus.

Erica currently resides in Virginia Beach and has a 3 year daughter, Marielle and 1 year daughter Daniella as well as a beagle hound named Campbell.    She enjoys traveling, exercising, hiking and spending time with her family.


Q&A with Erica:

Q:     Did you feel the CTR exam was difficult?  How did you prepare?  How did it compare to the RPI skills exam?

A:     The CTR exam was long and intense, but I do not think it was difficult.  The hardest part for me was staying focused for the duration of the exam and managing my time efficiently.  I spent a lot of time going over the required manuals and studying the general rules.  I believe my 5 years of experience in the cancer registry field was the most helpful in passing the exam.

The RPI skills exam was harder for me than the CTR exam.  It consisted of harder case scenarios and really made you reference and navigate your manuals.  It took me just as long to complete the skills exam as it did the CTR exam.


Q:     Did you have  a mentor when you began your career in the cancer registry or did you learn on your own?

A:     I did not have an actual mentor, but I did have the help of other employees in the registry.  I started with follow up and then graduated to abstracting once I had a handle on the EMR and registry software.  I owe the majority of my registry knowledge to my Manager at Augusta Health.  She took the time to teach me the rules and made sure I understood the work I was doing.  She was also very focused on quality and that was my foundation for the professional role I am in today.


Q:     Do you like working from home or do you miss the interaction from an office setting?

A:     I LOVE working from home.  I can honestly say I have the best of both worlds.  I am able to stay involved in my daughters’ daily activities as well as work a full time job and continue to grow professionally.  Some days are easier than others, but overall I am very happy I have the opportunity to work remotely.