Consultant Spotlight: Athena Bullard, AAS, CTR – Quality Manager


Marketing Manager

Athena coordinates and manages Quality Control activities on her assigned projects through ongoing support and guidance of her data abstraction teams. Athena enjoys cooking, exercising and running. 

Past Experience:

Prior to joining Registry Partners, Athena served as Cancer Registrar for Chesapeake Regional Medical Center in Chesapeake, VA where she was involved in all cancer registry related functions. 


Athena earned her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Health Information Technology from Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach. She is also a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR). 

Previous Positions at Registry Partners:

Senior CTR

Q & A with Athena:

Q:  How have you changed your work habits working in a remote environment?                                                            

A:  I still approach my work with the same tenacity and as I did when I worked in an office, but I have become more self-disciplined, more organized and hard working.

Q:  How do I describe your career to friends and family?                                                                                         

A:  That I am a Cancer Registrar and I collect data about cancer. I explain that the information may be used to improve the detection of cancer, improve treatments and increase survival rates for patients. 

Q:  What tips can you provide that may help a CTR improve their abstraction skills and become a more efficient abstractor?                                                                                                                                                      

A:  Have all available reference materials and manuals and familiarize yourself with the different materials. Ask questions and take notes.