Congratulations to the South Dakota Cancer Registry!


We would like to recognize the South Dakota Cancer Registry for receiving Gold Certification from the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) on the evaluation of South Dakota’s 2013 data submitted during the National Call for Data, which took place in November, 2015.

Gold Certification is the highest level of distinction awarded by NAACCR.  Achieving Gold Certification means the data submitted by the South Dakota Cancer Registry is complete, accurate and timely including: a 95% or higher case ascertainment completeness rate, 3% or fewer reported cancer cases classified as death certificate only cases, less than 1 duplicate record in every thousand cases, 100% error free data on variables used to create incidence statistics by cancer type, sex, race, age and county, less than 2% of cases are missing information such as age, sex and county, less than 3% of cases are missing information such as race, and the data file was submitted to NAACCR within 23 months of the diagnosis year under review.

The South Dakota Cancer Registry is a long-time client of Registry Partners and we are extremely proud to work with a team that shares the same level of commitment and passion for the quality of cancer data.  We would like to congratulate Holly Miller, CTR, Project Manager for Registry Partners and her project team as well as the South Dakota  Cancer Registry for their commitment and effort collecting high quality cancer data.