Commission on Cancer: Survey Application Record (SAR) Your ship has come in!


Marketing Manager

As a Cancer Program Administrator, Chair, Liaison Physician or Registrar, this is the time of the year that you love to hate! Summer is in full swing, fall is around the corner, and suddenly you realize you need to update your Survey Application Record (SAR) or Program Activity Record (PAR), because you may have your 2016-2017 survey right around the corner! The expectation is that you use this record to track compliance with the Commission on Cancer Program Standards. Not only are you halfway through 2015 activity, but you need to ensure you completed all the 2014 activities. All accredited cancer programs must utilize the SAR to add meaningful information, updates and documentation for all contact information, facility information and eligibility requirements (annually). But that’s not all, then you are expected to ensure you have completed all applicable sections of Chapters 1 through 5 of the standards.

Never Fear, Registry Partners is here! We are skilled experts at completing and/or reviewing these records for optimal compliance, outcomes and interpretations. We know what the Commission on Cancer and their Surveyors are looking for when reviewing a program for accreditation. Our services give your program the peace of mind to know that all the t’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted without the worry of missing something that could inevitably cost your program a deficiency. We are the “text”perts on descriptive interpretation of the hard work your program puts forth year after year for providing quality cancer care close to home.

Let Registry Partners be your lifesaver in the rough seas and bring the calm, cool waters of a pre-survey breeze.