Commission on Cancer Accreditation: Mock Surveys Make a Difference!


Marketing Manager

Recently, 500 cancer programs received their re-accreditation survey notification from the Commission on Cancer (CoC) for 2016 and next year another 500 programs will be notified of their 2017 planned re-accreditation survey.  This group of 1000 cancer programs have an important decision to make sooner rather than later.  Does your program need a mock survey?  Will your program benefit from a mock survey?  Will a mock survey make a difference?  All of these questions swirl through your head and most likely other member of your cancer committee may be asking themselves the same questions.

Mock surveys are not just an attempt to mimic the actual CoC survey, but it is an opportunity for your cancer program to go through an independent review from a professionally trained consultant with the background, knowledge and expertise of each and every eligibility requirement and cancer program standard.  A mock survey is not simply a one day visit to your program and a pass/fail score is determined.  It is a consultative opportunity to thoroughly assess the program, measuring standard compliance, where your program may fall short, what your program can do to improve processes and in some instances, productivity.  Outlining areas of redundancy and inefficiencies can often be uncovered during the mock survey process.

Registry Partners Incorporated offers a unique ala carte menu of services that is tailored toward each program and their specific needs whether the survey is in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 2 years.  We identify strengths and weaknesses at the same time share best practices and opportunities to improve outcomes and quality data collection and analysis.

Mock surveys make a difference in your cancer program survey preparedness and standard insight.   Keep in mind, it is never too late or too early to give this service strong consideration for your program.


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