How Should I Code This? – Coding Regional Lymph Nodes


Per FORDS (2016) page 138 “Do Not code surgical procedures which aspirate, biopsy or remove regional lymph nodes in an effort to diagnose and/or stage disease in this data item.  Use the data item Scope of Regional Lymph Node Surgery (NAACCR Item #1292) to code these procedures.

In our cancer registry software this entails coding the Scope of Regional Lymph Node Surgery field as a surgical data item.  An example of how this could appear:

Surgical Date Surg Prim Site Code *Scope LN Surg Reg LN Examined Surgical Margins
1/1/2016 0 1 95 8
No Surg Proc Primary Site Bx or asp of regional LN No reg LN removed, asp or core bx performed No primary site surgery
FORDS (2016) page 239 FORDS (2016) page 244 CS General Instructions FORDS (2016) page 242

*Regional Lymph Nodes only. Distant lymph nodes are not recorded in this field