Christmas Wish List

Dec. 22, 2015

At the beginning of this month, we asked our readers and employees to submit their lists of Christmas Wishes for the workplace.  We have gathered some of our favorites to share with you today, in hopes that they will make you smile on the last few days of work before the holiday!

  • Good Headphones so I can listen to music while working.
  • I would love a color printer!
  • Fresh flowers on my desk everyday.
  • Good health for friends and family.
  • Face to face interaction with all my coworkers.
  • A very comfortable chair.
  • An elf to help get things done.
  • Hospital systems to stop changing their never ending list of hospital acquisitions, mergers, name changes and affiliations. I cannot keep up!
  • A personal masseuse while working.

  • Three monitors and a desk large enough to accommodate them.
  • A little snow would be nice.
  • Someone to set up all the ideas I have for Microsoft One Note.
  • A wireless speaker for listening to my favorite music on Pandora.
  • Free carpal tunnel surgery with no recovery time.
  • A personal assistant.
  • Electric heater to keep my feet toasty-warm while I work.
  • The winning lottery ticket!
  • Home delivered, delicious lunches everyday!
  • Improved outcomes for cancer patients.
  • A moment of laughter everyday!
  • Unlimited quality CTR’s with unlimited hours
  • Someone to come in and magically clean my office.
  • That all cases had a happy ending.


From all of us at Registry Partners, We would like to wish you and yours a magical, safe and Merry Christmas!