Celebrate National Women’s Health Week May 13th – 19th, 2018


Marketing Manager

National Women’s Health Week has been designated for women to focus on their own health.  So often women are busy caring for everyone but themselves and unfortunately do not take the time to make their own health and wellness a priority.  

The Office of Women’sHealth.gov website provides various resources to educate women on steps they can take to improve their health. The website also provides information about how women can get involved in National Women’s Health Week along with a quiz women can take to learn more about their health style.  The information available is organized by age group so with a simple click information and resources specific to your age group quickly appear. You can also print a list of things to discuss with your healthcare provider during your annual wellness visit!

It is refreshing to see a website devoted just for women!  There is a wealth of information available spanning topics like:

  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Relationships and Safety
  • Diseases and Conditions
  • Reproductive Health

There are also various printable and shareable resources including videos and webinars and you can also sign up to receive blog updates via email.  

In order for women to be the primary caretaker of their children, spouses, aging parents or other loved ones, it is crucial they don’t forget to take care of themselves in the process.  

Take time to visit the www.womenshealth.gov  website and start living a healthier life TODAY!