Casefinding Methods


Marketing Manager

Q: What is the best method for casefinding?

A: There is no one answer for all programs, but our Registry Partners Consultants work with facilities to maximize their reporting structure to allow for electronic review and documentation. Gone are the days when a disease index is printed and the CTR reviews cases and marks them off the paper!   The same is true for pathology reports and oncology logs. The majority of electronic health records can export reports created by ICD 9 codes into an excel format that is easily manipulated to remove duplicates and filter for efficiencies If a registrar is told a report cannot be exported into excel, we always ask if we can give it a try!   The excel format is much easier to work with but also provides the documentation needed to ensure the registrars are completing the work and providing justification of decisions.   If someone wins the lottery and doesn’t return to work the next day, complete documentation allows another registrar to pick right up after the other.  Our consultants would be happy to work with a program to review their current process and provide suggestions to improve their process while maintaining the accuracy needed in identifying reportability.