Career Paths in Cancer Registry


Marketing Manager

I have been a cancer registrar since 1983 and at that time, I chose this career because I wanted a challenging job and work part-time. It was the perfect match for me. I was able to combine my clinical knowledge with quality management experience and a passion to fight the war on cancer.

Working in a community hospital was a great opportunity to learn new skills and develop lasting relationships with cancer registrars throughout the state of Illinois. I am the product of great mentors and hope I have been to others as well.

As my family grew, so did my cancer program and 20 years flew by quickly!

I was asked several times if I was interested in working for Registry Partners Incorporated and I finally decided to consider a new career path. My experience in a Commission on Cancer accredited cancer program had given me an excellent foundation in cancer registry operations but also working with dedicated oncology clinicians impacting the quality of care. My first several projects with Registry Partners involved mentoring cancer registrars and assisting with abstraction backlogs. From there I have had many opportunities to work with cancer program leaders throughout the country. They are all passionate about their cancer patients, but each location has their own opportunities for improvement and growth. Sharing my experiences and using the knowledge I have gained to help a cancer registry and program be successful has been very rewarding.

Working within a company that is only focused on cancer registry and management has been a pleasant change from working within the hospital when most people do not understand what we do all day! Registry Partners provides the support, praise, and encouragement to their CTRs that is honestly, not feasible within the hospital.

The work life balance with Registry Partners provided by working from my home has allowed me to care for parents, children, and grandchildren when the need arose. It was also very helpful when I decided to add a puppy into our home! As Consultants, we are dedicated to our clients and are accountable to them for our performance. We are conscientious in recording our time by task and proud of the work we perform. The leadership at Registry Partners motivates all of us to be the best CTRs for our clients.

Please contact Registry Partners to learn about project CTR jobs as well as management opportunities. Everyone asks me if I have to travel all of the time. There are programs who request onsite assistance with project implementation and Commission on Cancer management a few days per year, but the majority of our work is done remotely and without makeup or a professional wardrobe!

Come join our team of registrars!